About Spaces by Eco Hotel

Eco Hotel offers the metro a unique new concept of living and working well in our city life. Whether it’s for meeting with like-minded individuals over a cup of coffee, or catching up on some well-deserved rest with a power nap, we have the space you need. 
We offer our guests shared spaces to create, mingle and work in a conducive and harmonious environment. Conveniently located on Amoroslo street and accessible to Makati CBD, we hope you come over and find your own space with us at Eco Hotel. 

Green Hub (Lobby)

Hedge out your own nook in our Green Hub. We’ve got desks for students working on an important paper, couches for brainstorming sessions, bean bags for casual conversations or table spaces to shoot out a quick email. Expand your network and grow your organization at spaces by Eco Hotel. 

Double Room

Ideal for traveling couples, the Double Room provides privacy and comfort for those seeking a quiet respite. A hearty breakfast is included with the room. 

Twin Room

Two twin beds are best for colleagues or friends spending a night in the city. Enjoy some downtime in the comfort of your own room, or socialize in the Green Hub. 

Mixed Dormitory 

Meeting ran too long? Our dormitories offer a 5 hour promo with use of the shower for busy professionals who don’t want to waste time.

Male Dormitory

Working late? Pass out in peace in our male only dorms and be ready for the next day at the office.

Female Dormitory

Need a few z’s? We promise a secure place for women to recharge and refresh for work.